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Hetchins BRICK

Picture 8632
This gem isn't actually called Brick.  I just made that up because of the color and because it was built with tandem tubes for some serious sprinting duty.  “It rides like a brick” (or maybe he said rock).  Whatever it was it sure does feel like it was made to support a very arduous load.  Apparently there were only two of these ever produced. 
Picture 8604
Whoever the Neanderthal was that commissioned the build of this frame had a very evolved sense of aesthetics.  The lugs are not the typical long and intricate type that Hetchins’ bikes are usually known for but they are very elegant and subtle.  Check out the little handlebar guard on the top tube.  
Picture 8611
Double butted Reynolds 531,  the main ingredient for all high end British bikes .  The sweeping seat stay is also a common attribute of an English racer.
Picture 8616
One can never go wrong with a lugged brake bridge.
Picture 8618
The seat lug is just gorgeous! 
Picture 8615
Nothing to say about the bb, it’s just simple and clean.
Picture 8621
Beefy Campy track dropouts round out this simple and to-the-point build.