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A Hetchins to me should always have a Brooks saddle.  No curly stays and ornate lugs here so we also need a hardcore Brooks saddle – the Swallow.
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I didn’t want to go with black as that’s quite boring.  Brown doesn't seem to go too well with orange and neither will the Honey color.  So I searched around and found that a lot of companies offer a “natural” or tan’ish leather color.  This should go well with the Hetchins logo.  I’ve also compiled a list of Swallow style saddles from a couple of companies along with the prices. 
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Gyes Saddle with cutout $65.  These are the cheapest option.  I like the cutout but the shape is a bit weak.

Source CrowCycleCo
gilbersoulornatural gilbersaddlesrearupper_1
Gilles Berthous $275.  These are quite expensive.  They’re supposedly built very well but I don’t like the look of those bolts and the Brooks Swift look. 

Source DistanceBiker
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Selle Anatomica $190.  Loving the cutout on these and the shape is quite pleasing too.

Source Jwanermanbikeblog
CH-brookselect1-thumb-620x405-28908 CH-brookselect2-thumb-620x407-28909
Brooks Swallow Select $250.  Perfect in shape and the Select has the nicer hand pounded rivets.  If only this saddle had a cutout. 

Source CoolHunting
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Hopefully I’ll get a nice “Orange Cream”  theme going on once it’s together.