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Can’t say I’m certain where I am going with this because the frame is one size too big for me but I am also very fond of Isaac as a brand and their engineering focus.  The short term plan is to get a nice inexpensive, smooth, and reliable setup together so that I can simply see how it rides.
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The Ultegra 6600 group is something of a forgotten hero in my opinion.  The shifting actuation for this group is extremely crisp and easy (short).  The upshifts for the rear almost feel like pressing buttons rather than pulling levers.  The levers can be had for around $120 or even less, which cheap by any standard for a 10 speed setup.  They are, however, extremely heavy and there isn’t much that can be done to remedy this.  Rear derailleurs are a bit heavy, but they’re good enough for the price of around $50.  I usually opt for a Dura Ace front derailleur as they’re about the same price but are a bit lighter.
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I’m currently using a Nashbar RPM crankset as a place setter until I find something better. 
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