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A couple years ago the bike market was booming with the surge of people finding interest in fixed gear bikes.  Suddenly used bikes were very valuable.  Junky road bikes like the ones above were coveted.  They were bought, hacked, and fixed (geared that is).  Then people came to the realization that they’re not athletes, they can’t handle riding a bike, $3 a gallon for gas isn’t so bad,  or that hot hipster chick just isn’t interested, or maybe she’s not even a hipster anymore.  Whatever the reason, interest in road bikes started to wane and like some of my ill purchased IPO’s, value plummeted. 

There was a lot of good that came  out of the spurt of cycling enthusiasm though.  For one, this blog was born out of that fertile time and is still growing and evolving.  Plenty of people found a new hobby in cycling.  Maybe they haven't all realized that riding a fixie brakeless with neon color wheels is ridiculous but at least they’re riding.  Many have grown over to road bikes and are commuting with them if not at least riding on the weekends.  Whatever it is, exposure is great.

In the spirit of that, I am giving away these junky bikes pictured above.  They need WORK.  but i hope someone out there has time and some money to invest.  Make some single speeds, make some road bikes, whatever it is i hope some bloke out there can see what it is to ride a bike and someone else makes some money for fixing them up.  Contact me if you want them, there are about 7 bikes here.  Bring a truck.  I will update this posting once they’re gone.

Pile of Junk IS GONE

Judging from the response to this post it seems like a lot of people out there are still willing to put in some love and labor.  Sorry for the rest of you that missed out and thank you for reading the blog. Until next time!