7:38 PM

Nighty nights

Hello stranger in black…
I’ve had some great moonlit night rides this week.  It seems that no matter how cold it is, its never too cold while you’re climbing.  Descending is another story, however.

One of my rides often take me to this lookout point where couples tend to park their cars at night to admire the city lights -and each other.  Thing is, the road is on a pretty steep incline, something I'd estimate to be around an 8-10% gradient. 

So here they are… parked in their cars with a gorgeous view in front and silence all around when a guy in a road bike(me) slowly and agonizingly pedals his way up the road.  He huffs and puffs, his gut is wrenching because he’s been climbing at least a mile now to get to this point.  They lock the car doors as he gets closer.  His body curled and tense, his mouth like a kettle rhythmically shooting steam  from his face.  As he rides past the car his sweat burnt eyes quickly meet that of the couple’s then retreats back towards the ground.  He passes with the swiftness of a sloth.  They have no idea what to make of what they’ve just seen.