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At 86.4 grams the Dash Nique saddle is one of if not the lightest fully padded saddles available.  The padding is generous and the leather top is very soft.  It also has a very big cutout, and i LOVE cutouts, however, this saddle has one subtle problem…

It looks great from the top.
Picture 8808 
It looks great from the front.
Picture 8810
Looks great from the back.
Picture 8809
Hrmm.. kind of looks like a cheap foam saddle…
Picture 8812
OH GOD… the side profile is terrible.  The Rails are too low and far back.  The nose of the saddle looks like: 


-and the rear is just way too chubby and short.  I’ve juxtaposed it with an SLR saddle above so one can compare the lines.  Overall it just looks terrible from most natural angles  and I'm not sure if i can take the aesthetic hit for a decrease in ~50 grams.  Sure, its going to be under my ass anyways and my ass isn’t exactly beautiful but when I’m sitting there at the park or at a coffee shop my derriere wont be seen but this saddle will and it will taint one of the things I enjoy doing, admiring my bike.  I’ll have to think about this one. 
P.S.  After I posted this post I was informed that this saddle that I have is a prototype piece.  The foam padding and carbon layup is different from what Dash sells and is not representive of their final product.   

Check them out yourself for some drool worthy carbon: Dash Cycles