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Today I finally got a chance to check out the mechanics of these early 8 speed ergo levers and hell they were simple!  It was like the Campy guys took some parts off a mountain bike shifter and just threw it into the brake lever body.  Basically it’s just a ratchet that is operated by the two levers, it doesn’t get any more intuitive than that.  The shifting feels how a mountain bike shifter feels.  Scratch that, it feels a little crummier because a lever mounted mountain bike shifter usually has a nice and positive indexed feel whereas the Ergo levers barely feels like it’s indexed. 

This simplicity explains why most of the early Shimano shifters are dead or soon will be going to die as all their little internal parts get gunked up or worse broken through the test of time.  These ergo levers on the other hand seem like they’ll work for a while longer.