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Picked up a couple of cool things today , one of them being these Campagnolo track pedals.  I’m sad to say that the closest thing I’ve seen to these in real life are MKS Sylvans.  Now the Sylvans are nice indeed but they’re merely copies of these bad boys here.  The quality, the heft, and the fluidity of the bearings are all subtly better.
Picture 8979
Record calipers! always sooo classy. 
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Now something very special:  A Hi-E rim.  I wont go into depth what Hi-E is but in short it is something of a Tune, or AX lightness, or Extra Light sort of bike company back in the 70’s.  Its also an American company with an eccentric and genius founder.  These Hi-E rims are still extremely light by today’s standards (I'll weigh them later) and are rolled from THIN aluminum foil sheet.  They’re known to be light to the point of being dangerous, which will add a nice touch of character to any weight weenie.

A little snippet about Hi-E Here
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It’s also time to get serious with some wheel building.