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Miyata 1000LT

Picture 8815
A Miyata 1000 with Nitto Moustache bars?!  That’s like Michael Jackson doing a James Brown cover.  It’s legendary upon legendary.  If you don’t know what I’m talking about check out my XO-1.
Picture 8816 Picture 8813
This bike was very thoughtfully built by its previous owner.  Plenty of gears, FAT tires, bulletproof components, a very comfortable cockpit, light but full coverage fenders, and racks on racks on racks.
Picture 8812
Miyata’s amazing steel tube production brought to the masses.
Picture 8823 Picture 8824
I love the way the moustache bar feels and rides but there’s always the issue with how the stem looks.  A true moustache bar setup almost always requires a lot of stack on the stem or a good amount of rise on the angle.  This in turn looks rater un-racy in my mind.  I have yet to see a very good way around this besides having a very long head tube.
Picture 8821
Ready to ride cross continent.