Picture 8801 Picture 8804
I shaved off the paint where the cracks were to reveal the carbon underneath. I was looking for any signs of cracks or delaminating but couldn’t find any that were easily visible. With things the way they already are I went ahead and started my Naked Super Six project.
Picture 8806
Picture 8809 Picture 8808
Some may cringe at the sight sanding down a frame this nice (i did too) but it was quite an easy decision with everything considered:

- I was going to sell it but found cracks in the paint, no way do i expect anyone to pay top dollar with that issue.
- It is already riddled with chips and scratches everywhere as seen here
- Stripping it will first of all guarantee to me and maybe the next owner that there are no structural issues
- Should save about 100-200 grams. HiMod Superlight!
- I hate over branded-frames!