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Getting dropped on the first major climb of the day.

Ye ole beef jerky salesman on Santiago Canyon.

Coffee Water break. 

What started as a sunny day joy ride turned into a ~63 mile ass whooping for me.  I bit off way more than I can chew and suffered greatly for it and still am trying to rest it out today.  Thinking back at it I don’t exactly know why it was so tough;  I was well fed and well hydrated.  I guess the pace was just too fast for me to keep up.  From all of my pain I did make a big decision though: I don’t like my Supersix.  When I was at and beyond my fatigue limit this bike was a total handful.  I’m sure I’m not the greatest bike handler so take this with a grain of salt but it got to the point where the parallel cracks and grooves on the road were dangerous.  The bike would track onto the grooves and being so twitchy it’d be hard to get myself out of them.  That’s not something I want to have to worry about on any bike.  I’m just not worthy of a super aggressive handling bike.