10:55 PM

Seized Defeat

Picture 8996
Miserable dust caps!  These ones were sized and made of some kind of brittle crap that did not lend itself to be useful for any tool.  First, the Allen holes stripped with one turn of the wrench.
Picture 8998
I did the next best thing and drilled two holes to get my pliers in.  This may have been more successful if I had spanner wrenches but highly unlikely as the holes broke under the torque.  On the non drive side I cut a slot to insert a big head screwdriver in but the result was the same…
Picture 9000
The whole thing fell apart.  At this point i pounded and chiseled away to no success. 
Picture 9079
I cut the non drive arm off with an abrasive grinder, not bad as this arm is salvageable if someone can figure out how to drill out the spindle. 
Picture 9082
The bottom bracket could now be removed on this side. The problem is there was no way of getting the blade in to cut the other side of the spindle without cutting into the drive arm. 
Picture 9087
The carnage that ensued…
Picture 9084
At least I got the the piece of crap off and the bottom bracket cups weren’t nearly as tough to remove.  Now I can get on with my paint removal.  Casualty:  Cranks.