Picture 8734
Reluctantly putting these on…  I was on a weenie fervor while buying these and so I didn’t think about the shortfalls of being such a light and minimalistic design.  The Cages have no bottom footing for the bottle to stand on.  The whole design relies on the tapered’ness of the bottles and their ability to set themselves into place and not pop out.  The problem arises when you need to take it out and it’s stuck.  Supposedly adding some wax to the inside of the cages should alleviate this issue. 
Picture 8737
The 2nd issue is that the minimal amount of material here leads to a lot of flex which leads to movement of the bottle and the cage.  This translates to a lot of force being felt by the bolts.  This is why I opted to use all 4 aluminum bolts instead of my usual 1 aluminum 1 nylon bolt combo. 
Picture 8742
Picture 8744
Does having ribbons for bottle cages make me look like a douche bag? 
Picture 8750
They are seriously light though.  A full set weighs about 20 grams.  That’s the same weight as ONE already very light carbon cage with an alloy + nylon bolt combo.