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Vintage Drillium

Brake Calipers - 01 
Brake Calipers - 03 Brake Calipers - 02
Brake Calipers - 04
I kindddd of want to do something like this.  But then the logical side in me is telling me how stupid I’d be to do so. 

-  It would be okay if I was living in the 70s…
-  I haven’t even gone this far with modern components yet…
-  It would sure be nice to have a true period correct vintage Weight Weenie
-  It would also be nice to not waste so much time and money perusing said idea.
-  What’s the point of saving grams when the whole idea is already heavier than what’s readily available for much less?

I think I'll do this with a set of modern components first…

Either way this is amazing work.

Source: Velo Pages

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