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Review:  I’m generally happy with the way this came out but one crucial part of the design failed – will get to that last.  Firstly,  The stiffness is great. I’m actually quite surprised with how sturdy this little metal has turned out to be.  Position is also much better than anticipated.  As a finishing pass I decided to angle the mounting surface to give the Garmin a slight upward angle to face the rider better.  Weight is astonishing.  As seen below it weighs just a hair more than the original plastic piece, that’s LIGHT. 

Now on to the problem.  I had originally planned for a snappy fitment when I designed the holder.  I placed two “pins” that were supposed to go into the notches on the Gamin’s side.  The problem is neither the Garmin’s plastic nor the mount’s aluminum had enough give and it was impossible to rotate it through to the engagement point.  I ended up shaving the pins off in order for it to work.  Right now the fitment is tight enough so that the Garmin holds but I fear that over time the plastic will wane and it’ll get too lose to hold.  Fear not though, I have another idea to make it work.  Till then, this will be my research piece.
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