Picture 9159
My quest for a new mount starts here where I benchmark the original design. To sum it up, it’s very well designed but the main thing I wanted to change was the position of the unit. I want it to be in front of the stem for better reach and view.
Mount 1 pic
I have two options. One is simple. Flat alloy skeleton frame with mounts that attach to the two bottom bolts of the stem faceplate. This one sits a bit low but it is a good piece to start with to make sure my clamp design works first. Also, it only weighs 7 grams and will be quite sturdy.
Mount 2 pic
Second design is a beast of architectural prowess! Actually it’s just an overly milled frame that’s bent into shape. This one has the “ideal” position for the Garmin unit but I’m not completely sure how sturdy it will be with two bends in it as such. This piece is estimated at 11 grams so it isn’t exactly porky either.