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Here we go. I made a pin removal tool for myself to take apart the Sram Force Fd. Keep in mind that SRAM did not intend for people to remove these pins!!! if you try this, you better be ready to hack and if you’re not handy –maybe even destroy your derailleur.
Picture 9360
The tool i made is basically a wedge that pries the pin out from two even sides as you hammer or punch it in. If you've ever worked on the knuckle for a car you have used this tool.
Picture 9363
I got really into the moment when i removed the pin –so much so that i forgot to take any pictures. In any case, the original plan was to remove ALL 4 pins and replace them with aluminum ones layer but after having removed one I realized that the weight savings of having aluminum pins was not worth the hacking and custom work required to remove the other 3 pins and to make the custom ones. Additionally, I realized that with one pin removed and the spring disengaged I was able to get to all sides of the parallelogram. This is exactly what i needed to do the shaving job.
Picture 9365
Here’s what it looks like at the moment. Not so pretty yet but hopefully a very light weight and organic aesthetic to come! The metal that was used for the body is extremely hard and difficult to cut through.