Picture 9371 Picture 9372
About time to put this thing back together!  I shaved off some of the back cage to match the new look and to save some more mass.
Picture 9373 Picture 9374
I had really thought that a Ti spring would save me a good amount of weight but I was wrong.  The left is the stock spring and the right is my custom Ti spring.  It was quite hard to make, ended up being the same weight, and it didn’t seem as elastic so I ditched the idea and used the stock spring.
Picture 9379
New hardware!  The Omni pulley wheels weigh in at 18 grams as opposed to the ~28 gram stock wheels.  I’m using all M4 nylon limit screws for this application.  I’m also going with aluminum screws for the jockey wheels. 
Picture 9380
Lastly, I made a threaded insert for the cable adjuster out of this wire connector thingy. 
Picture 9381
Picture 9383
Picture 9384
The total weight is laughable to say the least…  this is how much a SRAM Red derailleur weighs from the factory!  I was hoping for something along the lines of 120 grams.  So lesson learned here:  buy a Sram RED. 

In all seriousness, though, this mass difference intrigues me quite a bit.  It makes me wonder how the SRAM engineers were able to save the weight in the stock Red unit.  Maybe it’s a different torsion spring.  It may be a different aluminum alloy (thickness aside, it does feel different cutting the two).  Maybe the pins in the Red are aluminum as well?  Whatever the case, my previous curiosities are satiated while new ones take seed.