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Titanico X

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The price you pay for comfort and style?? 521 grams of steel and cowhide.  I’m quite pleased with this saddle.  I haven’t ridden it yet so I can only say that It feels very supple and soft in my hands right out of the box.  It is much softer than any new-ish Brooks saddle I've had; it rivals the softness of only the oldest and most used Brooks saddles.  The hide is very thick and seems very sturdy.  The common problem with these saddles is the sag, which ends up feeling hammock’ie and looking ugly. For that reason I went with the Titanico X, which is supposed to be a stronger, heavier duty layup at the cost of being slightly heavier and stiffer.  This will be going on my touring bike which I plan on using quite a bit this coming riding season.