2:59 AM

Aerolite Pt. 1

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As I have mentioned, I’ve always wanted to try these Aerolite pedals for their style, clean design, and ridiculous weight.  I’ve also recently acquired a pair of Sidi shoes with the proper mounting holes so I am go to go.. or so I think…
usingaeroliteleft usingaerolitemiddle usingaeroliteright
These rudimentary pictures are all that’s on Aerolite’s website showing how to use these pedals: Aerolite How To.  Simple enough but problem is, it doesn’t work for me! 
Here’s me at 1am still fidgeting with the stupid setup.  The cleat doesn’t comply easily enough for the pedal to clip in.  I’m not terribly strong or anything but it shouldn’t take as much force as I've applied,  On several occasions I've slipped and now my inner right foot is bruised from this escapade. 

One way to relax the cleat is to loosen the screws.  In order for the cleat to be able to work at all the screws have to be loosened almost half way. At this point it moves freely back and forth with respect to the shoe and this cannot be safe!  Even in this case clipping in still wasn’t exactly an easy task. 

Hopefully it’s because my setup is quite new… or hopefully I’m missing something, else we’re gonna have to do some engineering up in here!