3:07 PM

Aerolite Pt. 2

Picture 9643
I decided to press on with my Aerolite adventure.  I got these stainless steel ones so I can be a bit more rough on them without potentially bending them.  I have to add that It came with these 4 bolt cleats and in my opinion these are a terrible idea.  Having to drill into your shoes isn't the issue, it’s getting it right in one try that is!
Picture 9648
I’ve also installed them on my Litespeed, much less damage potential on here compared to the Ruegamer.
Picture 9645
Here’s the trick!  Bolt the cleat on with the two screws.  Crew it in all the way until it sits flush with the shoe.  From there unwind the screws about 1/2 a turn each.  This will vary but obviously too tight and the cleat wont have enough give, too lose and you risk the cleat coming off.  When I undid the screw 1/2 a turn it allowed for the cleat to swivel just a bit, allowing for a slight degree of float. 
Huzzaahh.  It works!  I was finally able to ride with Aerolites!  The entry does take getting used to but it really is quite easy once you’ve gotten accustomed to it.  It’s also a bit easy to slip upon entry due to the slick cleat and pedal surfaces so watch out for that.  I will be monitoring the cleat bolts closely to watch for any loosening.  So far pedaling feels good, the weight is quite noticeable.  The slight float is also nice but that’s subjective to each rider.  I do think that having the right shoe in order to use the 2 bolt cleats is very important as that eases installation by a long shot.