Picture 9439
Being a fan of lightweight minimalist designs, these pedals have always attracted me.  They seem to be very polarizing to riders though, it’s either they love it or they HATE it.  The general consensus is more towards hate though.  Regardless, the weight and elegance is too much for me to pass up without having a first hand try at it first.
Picture 9441 Picture 9442
Simplicity is the key here, Titianium spindle with a resin (Turcite) sleeve over the spindle acting as bearings.  The cleats attach as anyone would imagine. 
Picture 9447
The spindle pair weighs almost the same as my ONE fully tuned Speedplay pedal.
Picture 9451 Picture 9449
The cleats themselves are very light, so this isn’t a false package deal like some pedals out there.
Picture 9453 Picture 9454
Your pedals need a set of holes such as pictured here in order for it to work.  They do have a 3 hole adaptor plate but that weighs it down and makes a mess of the minimalist beauty here.
Picture 9457
Walking will be quite silly.