Check out the previous rendition HERE
Picture 0361
As proud as i am of my custom stem, it is time to move on.  It was a good job done with something that started out very heavy.  In the end, it was just decent. 
Picture 042 Picture 0381
I’m going to go with the short and shallow FSA SLK carbon bars.  Not exactly light but the ergonomics seem great.  I’m also going to use a wcs stem with my custom garmin mount and Ti bolts. 
Picture 9529 Picture 9530
The CrMO speedplays need a little rest so I upgraded to X1’s with my custom aluminum bowties.  At 130 grams for the pair they aren’t as light as the Aerolites I'm struggling with but they work beautifully. 
Picture 9553
BOOYAH!  After weeks of working on individual components everything is finally together and the beast is ready to roam again in leaner and meaner form.
Picture 9562 Picture 9540
These levers are hot out of the oven but not just any oven. I had to use George Foreman oven because i wanted to cut the fat and that’s just what I did.  These are almost as light as can be with an optimized internal ratchet, slimmed and trimmed levers, and great custom hoods!  So far they feel like they *POP* in and out of gears more so than they did before but I'm not yet sure what modification attributes to that.  The hood feels fine, nice and grippy!  Read more about it HERE
Picture 9546
The rear derailleur was probably the component that set the tone for the way I tuned the rest of the pieces in this setup.  Every angle has been rounded down, every unnecessary panel carved out, and every  curve was formed softly.  Overall the weight savings was good but not dramatic.  More on it HERE
Picture 9547
There is also the Sram Red front derailleur that I salvaged from a previous project.  It now has the aesthetics of the rear derailleur and the weight to rival any weight weenie fd.  More on it HERE
Complete build list below:
Component: Type: Weight (Grams)
Bar Tape: Plain 40
Bottle Cages China 33.2
Bottom Bracket: Truvative 120
Brake Levers: SRAM Force 254
Rear Brakes: SRAM Force 142.8
Front Brakes: SRAM Force 138.6
Cables: Jagwire Racer 160
Cassette: SRAM Red 11-28T 177
Chain: Ultegra 6800 252.5
Crankset: SRAM Force 670
--Outer Ring: incl  
--Middle Ring: incl  
Derl Clamp Campagnolo 29
Derlr (Front) SRAM Red Tuned 60
Derlr (Rear) SRAM Force Tuned 143.8
Fork: FM028 390
Frame: FM028 1120
Handlebar: Easton Carbon 210
Headset: FSA 70.8
Headset Cap/Bolt/Expander: Omni Racer 14.5
Headset Spacer: Custom 40mm 16.1
Pedals: Speedplay X1 Tuned 130.4
Quick Releases: Apollo Skewers 43
Seat Binder: incl  
Seat: Selle SLR Carbino Flow 138.5
Seatpost/Seatmast: Custom 67.8
Stem: Easton EC70 Tuned 123.4
Tire (Front) Continental Sprint (Incl)  
Tire (Rear): Continental Sprint (Incl)  
Wheelset (Front): Zipp 303 797
Wheelset (Rear): Custom 50mm carbon w/Zipp Hub 1210
  Total Grams 6552.4
  Total Lbs 14.44556926
Picture 9531
The actual weight that came up on my scale is slightly heavier than the predicted weight but it also had the Gamin 500 unit on it.
Picture 9556
Picture 9587
Picture 9574
Picture 9565