10:46 PM

Overworked woes

I’ve been bed ridden for the last couple of days so I haven’t been able to work on anything or go on any rides.  I barely am able to check the net for stuff but I did find this company called Stradalli that I wanted to share with you readers:  Stradalli (you’ll need a facebook acount)

First of all, if you think of Stradalli you’d think that it’s an Italian company… No it isn’t.  The company is based in Florida, but what’s in a name anyways?

The main reason I took to this company is in the way they’re marketing their bikes and frames.  Some of them had me outright laughing on the ground.  Here are a few:
It starts out innocent enough.  Flashy paint job, flashy wheels, heels, bikini, blonde hair, rail road tracks, abandoned and graphitized building… all the makings of a great auto magazine ad… but for some reason it doesn’t work as well with bikes.   
The owner seems to know this though, so he puts in a Ferrari in the background for good measure.  But it starts to get really wrong…
You start getting pictures like these.  I mean, that’s a great frame.  Sometimes when I get a nice new frame I ogle it until I fall asleep too and  sometimes I would leave it by my bedside so that I can see it first thing in the morning.  However,  there is an unspoken rule against being in a bikini and being near or operating your bike (unless you’re those weirdo triatheletes).   
Sometimes this hunk is thrown into the mix for ALL those (ladies?) who may want a 57cm frame with green highlights and a SRAM red group. 
Furthermore there was this “custom painted frame” with nude ladies all over it.  I do like the idea of having your motivation move with you as you climb a 15% grade but my question is towards the artist.. Doesn’t it defeat the value of creating, of being an artist when even the woman you’re painting has implants? 
In conclusion I think that the glamour approach works for cars better than it does for bikes.

Don’t get me wrong though, I love seeing ladies on bikes.  And if you’re a lady and you want to wear a bikini riding a bike, that’s great!

Check out http://showmeabike.blogspot.com.au/ for inspiration!