Picture 032
Here’s a product that’s making a big splash in the auto industry: Plasti Dip. It’s been around for awhile but lately with the addition of the aerosolized version people have been using it to paint everything! and the stuff seems to work great. My use for it will be a bit different. I figure I want something rubbery like the stock hoods but I want to be able to control how much material there is so that I can make it lighter. This stuff is meant to be used to make handles so it should go hand in hand with this project, pun intended.

To add strength and body to the dripping rubber I opted to use carbon fiber sheets. The end product should be carbon fiber in a rubber matrix, making for a flexible but strong and grippy hood! This is actually not a new idea, a company called BTP has been producing hoods with the same stuff for years now. They can be had for about $50 a set.
Picture 033
I’ve already wrapped my lever with plastic wrap, so the first step is to give the whole thing a nice glazing of the rubber stuff, (for sheer speed and thickness control i opted to use the non-aerosol dip with a brush to brush it on). Hopefully it doesn’t stick to the plastic wrap too much.
Picture 035
Next is the carbon sheet, cut to general shape. I glazed the sheet with Plasti Dip and wrapped it over the lever.
Picture 039
This is how it looked with one layer, i should have stopped here but I wanted more strength and thickness so I decided to put another layer on using the same method.
Picture 040
It looked pretty terrible at this point but that’s okay! A last layer of Plasti Dip was brushed on before the whole thing was tightly wrapped in plastic wrap in order to mimic a vacuum bagging process.
Picture 041
A few hours later the plastic wrap was removed and it looks like this mess… I will let it sit overnight before assessing the usability of it.

For those readers out there who are molding experts, any home-style advice would be appreciated. I didn’t want to buy any real rubber resin because if i do that, i will feel inclined to make proper molds and go through the whole process, etc. but if you DO know an easy and better way to make something like this I'm all ears!