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Mini update: The hood comes out looking like so. The rubber has cured for about 12 hours now and it is quite tough. It feels like it is up to the task of providing long lasting grip but I cant be sure of that until I've used it for awhile. In my hand and in while on the lever it feels pretty much like the stock hood, just a bit tackier and more textured.
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Being the first run there were some issues. Being tougher (less elastic) than the stock hoods it did not work well where the lever moves out of the body of the shifter so i had to cut that portion out. I do want that area to be protected from dirt and water so the next iteration will have a bulge right there. I’ve also missed compressing the top of the hood down during the molding process so it came out raised,
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Stock hood: 21.6 grams. Carbon hood: 10.4 grams. I will be making it lighter still as I improve my molding technique.
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Everything comes out very cleanly, even the internal plastic wrap. This allows the inside of the hood to be very rubbery and tacky, This way I can get away with not using extrusions and plugs like the stock hood. One last issue is that the hood is so tight and stiff that it isn’t able to be taken off the lever without cutting it, which is what I did. I will have to figure a way to fix that also…

In conclusion this is a very positive experiment. Several issues will have to be addressed but nothing that is unsolvable.