Picture 9538
After drying for the night everything is a bit sticky but ready!!!  Time to cut it up!
Picture 9539
The fitment is quite good this time around.  I’ve also only used one all consuming layer so the weave is much better, not perfect but much better.
Picture 9543
I haven’t come up with anything clever to compensate for the lack of stretch where the lever hits the hood so for now it’s just going to be a cutout. 
Picture 9545
I blipped up cutting this portion… BUT found out that it is relatively simple to do touchups with this stuff.
Picture 9548
Lastly, I’ve decided on using a lacing setup to tighten the hood once it’s installed. I’ve gone as far as to attach these little o-rings on to act as eyelets. 
Picture 9552
Once everything was tried it was time to use the hole punch!  Unfortunately the o-rings did not bond to the hood well enough and all came off in the hole punching process.
Picture 9557
The completed hood pair comes in at 10.6 grams sans the strings but that is going to be negligible anyways.
Picture 9554
All done.  254.2 grams for the whole shifter set.  Nicer pictures and installed pics coming soon!