Picture 9483
This Sram Red front derailleur came to me as a damaged component that I bought for cheap.  I originally used it for my Ruegamer build and being damaged already I drilled out as much of the material as I could as seen:  Here.  Lately this fd has been sitting in my parts bin because it was replaced by the Campy Record fd that i tuned as seen Here.   I wanted to take this out of retirement and use it on my FM028 build but I've been reluctant due to the look of the piece.  Things have changed around here, especially for the FM028 build and I no longer like the look of Drillium on these newer components.  It just doesn’t “look” like a sophisticated way of lightening a component.  So to make it match the rear derailleur job I decided to carve it out and get rid of the holes! 
Picture 9485
Picture 9486 Picture 9489
Picture 9491
It needs better pictures and some finishing work but it already looks much better and is slightly lighter than it was before.