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This is it! My new hubs for my new build. These are Nikki + Monica hubs from the Colorado based company Dash. The shells are thin machined aluminum reinforced with wound carbon fiber. Spindles are carbon fiber tubes machined to accept bearings on either end and end caps that accept skewers. The bearing system simply uses the force of the skewers to keep everything together.The design is so simple It makes me feel a bit cheated. It’s so clever I wish i had though of it.
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I’m also going with Sapim CXray spokes. I’ve had very good experiences with these and they are quite light so I’m going to use them again. I sort of wish I went with titanium spokes for the non drive side and for the front wheels but that’s a bit more costly and not as durable.

So far with the rims estimated at 220 grams each the full build should come out to be about 850g.