Picture 9431
I took apart the KOM wheelset today.  From the factory the wheelset weighs 1.06kg.  The plan is to use the Rims as they are known to be of great quality and super light weight.
Picture 9426
The rear weighed 235g… This was quite disappointing, i was hoping for sub 220g as that’s what my forum searching found.
Picture 9428
Disappointed by the weight I decided to remove all of the glue residue and rim stickers.
Picture 9432
Perfectly clean the rear 24H KOM rim weighs in at 230 grams.
Picture 9434 Picture 9439
A 20H front rim with stickers removed but tape residue in tact weighs 238.6 grams.  44 Alloy internal nipples come in at 16.8 grams. 

With my newfound weights my estimated new wheelset becomes more accurate but also more heavy. 

230 + 238.6 + 16.8 + 204.7 + 52.5 + 134.2 = 876.8 grams for the wheelset…
(RR)   (FR)       (Nip)  (Spk)     (FH)     (RH)

While this is by all means insanely light, it is over 50 grams heavier than I had calculated/anticipated.