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Torm is a UK based cycling apparel company that makes very retro, detail oriented, and aesthetically minded woolen jerseys for cyclists.  Smells like Rapha?  That’s because it ALMOST is.  It is so close in fact that I was curious enough to have a jersey fly halfway across the globe so I’d have a better look at it. 

Upon first impression I am impressed.  Everything is very clean and very well made.  The details are there –practically all of them:  the nice slanted back pockets, the drawstring on the hem, the silicone gripper, and of course the great fit and the feel of that wool-mix.  I got the T3 jersey to use this coming summer but what i REALLY wanted was the T2 with its retro stripe!  But sadly that model only has a quarter zip and that wont work well for my summer rides.  What’s great about all of this is that this jersey is only about $60.  Of course the shipping from the UK is ridiculous but if a bunch of riders pitch together, that amount will be significantly decreased. 

Saying that TORM is ALMOST Rapha is wrong.  It is its own, it provides something to the rest of us that Rapha really doesn’t: value.  So TORM has basically everything people want in a Rapha jersey minus the high price, the greater color selection, and the epic cycling videos that feature those jerseys.   Some people don’t like it that TORM is just an imitation brand (and I do think it is) but the end product is so good I still have to applaud them for it. 

Check em out!  TORM