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Picture 9836
In relation to how I feel about modern paint schemes – I think they’re rubbish and they get dated as soon as the team that rode them stops doing so.  Personally, I don’t need all those colors and all those lines.  I rather have it LIGHT and plain so that I can enjoy the raw shape and maybe even the layup of the frame.  The problem with that is it leads to one thing – bare or clear-coated carbon or plain black frames.  Which used to be great but by now, everyone in the neighborhood seems to have one.   So in conclusion:  I like lightweight paint, i like it simple, but I no longer like murdered out setups.

In comes Vinyl!  The greatest tool for undecided and unsure painters.  Just measure, cut, and stick.
Picture 9842
I decided to go with the old school look with double color sections as pictured.  It seems that ever since people ditched steel frames, they’ve lost this paint scheme.  This is a shame, however, because it just screams simplicity and class!