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I got a chance to pick up this RB-1 for a very good price recently.  I was super excited until I got it home and noticed some inconsistencies..  Now by no means is this a bad bike. Its still Bridgestone’s flagship model back in its day and it is built to great standards.  But that’s part of the problem… it was also designed to be standard.  This is an early 90s model and it has none of the special details that a Grant Peterson version has.  It doesn’t have the biplane forks.  The seat stays aren’t extra thick and shaped.  There aren’t fender eyelets on the dropouts.  Lastly, there isn't an eclectic but smart group of components (Not my personal taste but it does follow the efficiency ideology). 

Overall it is still a Bridgestone built to great standards but It is lacking all that made its brethren oh so special.  Also the blue tires just aren’t doing it for me.  Luckily for me i DO have the right one, check it out HERE.