Picture 9782

I saw a picture similar to this from a local Craigslist ad selling a Fuji SL-1 in a small size.  I’ve been looking for something small for awhile for a buddy of mine and thought that for the asking price of $800 with Ultegra components, one can’t lose.  I’ve had a SL1 c4 carbon bike before and it was a good bike. It wasn’t nearly Super light as the name suggested but it was an overall great machine so I knew that coming into this sale that I was getting a good deal.

Picture 9785

I contacted the seller and quickly set up a time to meet.  On my way to her place I had a very slight though, “what if for some reason it was the c10 carbon?”  “no way” i thought, why would it be?  Why would a simple woman need or own a c10 carbon frame? 

When I got there the woman from the phone met me at the door. She was petite and small but all thoughts of a frail “simple” woman were ceded by the sight of her legs!   She had pro cyclist legs!  I quickly found out she’s Brenda Lyons of Helen’s / Cannondale racing and after talking and being in awe of seeing a pro cyclist turned to the bike:

Picture 9787

C10 it was!!!  This was Fuji’s flagship frame, the weight weenie capable superlight with a devilishly light weight, I’ve seen these frames built up to become sub 10lb climbing monsters.  Besides the weight, its just a nice sprinty frame, an over super score for my buddy and a pleasant experience meeting Brenda.