Picture 9961
This one is for the Japan-o’files out there.  These Ital sports are actually quite common even though this is the first that I’ve gotten my hands on.  In its day, the thing for a bike to be was Italian (people are somewhat more open minded now).  So much so that even big Japanese brand Univega had to give in and pay homage to the Mediterranean craftsmen with a model in their name.  I’m not sure how this bike was received back when it was introduced but I'm glad they did it now. 
Picture 9963
Japan’s humble homage to the great bike culture that is Italy.
Picture 9966 Picture 9965
Super smooth (though sometimes scoffed at for being the “cheap” group) Campagnolo Victory.
Picture 9968
Triple butted Japanese tubes!!! Not exactly high end back in its day but its still a nice ride even today.
Picture 9972
Campy down to the brakes.
Picture 9974
Unfortunately this example found itself a victim of ghetto mods… Someone tried to be cool and chopped the brake levers to make them “cleaner.”  Stupidly they chopped a pair of Campy levers whose value they will never know or understand.