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These fluted seat posts –especially the ones that came stock on vintage Centurions always suffered from rust seizure!!!  If you have one go check on it and lube it up!!!  This time around I got some help from Richard’s Cyclery in west Garden Grove.  Over the years I've come here  with the same problem at least 20 times.  Every time I go the owner (still having no idea who i am) would tell me that he has this “special”  solution that eats at the rust.  I don’t  doubt him either as they’re successful at extracting the posts least 90% of the time. 

So if you’ve tried and cant get it out, or you’re just lazy –like i am these days… give these guys a try. 

Else go here and learn:  http://www.the-climb.net/2011/03/seized.html

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