First there was the Chinarello, how there are Chinavelos! 

I was browsing good’ole Craigslist earlier and found what looked to be a flaming good deal for a carbon frame.  The price was absolutely enticing but being as skeptical as I am I quickly did a search and learned that Chinese carbon mold makers have moved onto making Cervelo replicas.  They look pretty damn good too and the only way that is easy to tell them apart is the location of the derailleur cables.  Cervelo S3’s have their cables internally routed with the insertion on the top front portion of the top tube, not the down tube as it is in the picture below… 

I personally don’t have a problem with them producing a frame that looks like a Cervelo.  I myself own a non-branded generic Chinese carbon frame and it has treated me very good so far.  I do have a problem with them putting Cervelo on there with all the identical colors and designs, though. 

In conclusion, be weary of good deals.  $300 for a new carbon frame IS a good deal but buyer beware, these frames don’t go through the same quality control rigors of the actual stuff; and if you do get one, please remove the logos.