4:45 PM

Pipe Rack

FINALLY had somewhat of a free day today and managed to pump this one out!  I’ve been wanting to make a rack for my Rue for awhile now and no normal rack will do.  I'm sure I've seen this idea somewhere before but not for a bike rack so I can take partial credit for this creation.  Worry not, I will have some type of foam or rubber seat so that the frame doesn't have to hang on bare metal. 

image image_1


There are a lot of wall mounted bike racks out there and they are all for the most part horizontal racks.  Two reasons why I made the setup tilted:  First, the front wheel straightens itself out when you tilt the bike forward.  This makes for a MUCH cleaner look and if you have a dirty front wheel it wont rub on your wall.  Secondly,  since I couldn’t have a nice horizontal top tube I made sure the angles were right so that the seat tube is vertical (hard to tell with these pics) and the fork is close to vertical.  To me this setup is easiest on the eyes.