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I don’t fully understand the need for a handlebar quick release on the Dahon.  The way the bike folds does not require it to ever remove or rotate its handlebar.  Perhaps it’s a feature that makes more sense with drop bars but not for this one. 
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The stock holes are all too big for even an M7 bolt to tap into so what I did was go up a size to an M8.  M8’s are quite large in diameter and can be pretty hefty so I immediately thought of drilling a hole down the axis to shave some weight and add a touch of flare.  That’s when I quickly realized that chainring bolts are M8’s and they’re already drilled through!  All I needed to do was bore out the clamp holes a bit and counter bore them so that the bolt and nuts sit flush on either side.   

I didn’t have counterbore bits so I made my own by sacrificing an old drill bit.  Came out okay enough!
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Overall about 27 grams was saved and a cleaner look achieved.  Hooray! 

(I ended up using a Ti M8x17mm bolt with an aluminum chainring nut)
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While I was at it I decided to get rid of the quick release lever on my seat post clamp as well.  I don’t need it to stow my bike in my car’s trunk and I’m pretty fidgety with my seat height so having it fixed for good is a no brainer for me.

Now some beauty shots:
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